Medieval Saraishyq - the capital of the Kazakh Khanate
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Work on the search for the place "Sugar Lake"

In 2022, researchers of the Saraishyq Museum-Reserve planned to conduct research on historical data about the "Sugar Lake", "Golden boat", which are mentioned in the legends of the country. To this end, the members of the research expedition consulted well-known scientists, elders who saw the eyes of the ancients, conducted interviews and looked for answers to many questions. At first, it was found that this line of Legends is told not only in Saraishyq, but also in connection with many Golden Horde cities. At the same time, the real evidence for Saraishyq is the location of the reservoir named "Khan Lake" in the drawing of Saraishyq of 1861. In comparison with the present, it turned out that this place is a lowland on the southern outskirts of the village of old Saraishyq. Due to the subsequent growth and expansion of the village area, the lake site has dried up and leveled somewhat. Residential buildings and public buildings began to be built there. Even today, some of the territory is privately owned and is considered the territory of a state institution. According to the Indigenous resident of the village G. Amirov, until the 40s of the XX century, there were ditches for watering collective farm crops, and various buildings stood on the surrounding elevated areas. In addition, scientists, doctor of geological and mineralogical Sciences, honorary prospector of the subsoil of the Republic of Kazakhstan, consulted with the late Nasipkali Seitov, doctor of Agricultural Sciences Bolat Mukhambetov, candidate of historical sciences Zhenisbek Mustafin, dug a hole in the Earth layer. The Earth layer was formed by surface anthropogenic cultural and lower sandy-clay soils. No remains typical of the lake floor were found, such as fish bones and snail scales. In the future, it is necessary to carry out large-scale and systematic control excavations.

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