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Accounting department

The chief accountant of the department is Kayredenova Aigul Zholamanovna.

The department has 1 chief accountant, 1 lawyer, 1 public procurement manager, 1 cashier. List of duties that’s under her purview:Organization of accounting and financial and economic activities of the institution, the optimal use of material, workforce, financial resources,prudent fiscal management and preservation of property, which at that moment is on the balance sheet, providing preparatory work and admission reports work plan (financing plans), accounting source documents forms used for execution of transactions not provided with models, development of internal bookkeeping documents forms, as well as conduct of inventory, management economic operations, observance of processing of accounting statements and carrying out proper documentation, Organization and implementation of public procurements of goods and services, and control over law enforcement on institutions

Jūmys kestesі

Düisenbі/Jeksenbі: 09:00-18:30

Tüskі üzіlіs uaqyty: 12:30-14:00

Kerі bailanys

Tel/faks: 8-712 362 55 06

E-maıl: museumsaraıshık@maıl.ru

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