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Scientific board

State historical and cultural museum-preserve “Saraishyk”  

The activities of the scientific board are aimed at

Organization of research on the history of medieval settlement of Saraishyk and implementation of public policy on the matter of turning it into tourist center

Tasks of the Scientific board

  • Decision-making on the main issues of the museum preserve service during the research, cultural and  educational tourist activities on the area of culture
  • Ensuring the implementation of government programs
  • Strengthening the material and technical basis of the museum preserve
  • Promoting the development of the museum preserve

Composition, structure, activity and procedure electing the scientific board

  • The scientific board is formed by order of the director of the museum-preserve
  • The list of officials who have the right to be included in composition of the Scientific board: chief executive of the museum, deputy director, business unit supervisors, representatives of public agencies and non-governmental organizations, academics
  • The scientific board composition is elected for 3 years and

If the situation is

  • The chairman of the scientific board is the head of the museum preserve

Take responsibility for organizing working process, ensuring  its activities in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and organizing a systematic review of the implementation of Board’ decisions.

  • The other members of the Scientific board are elected by secret ballot from units of the museum-preserve
  • The secretary is elected by the Scientific board and is responsible for the paperwork of Scientific board   

Secretary is responsible for:

  • Developing plan of activities, carrying out arrangements for meetings and implementation of Scientific board’s decisions in cooperation with relevant business units and officials
  • Requesting a necessary information in all directions of work of the Scientific board and mentoring employees of the museum- preserve
  • Oversighting the implementation of decisions made by Scientific board and on systematically informing the chairman and members of the Board
  • Organizing the work of the Scientific board on the basis of the work plan approved during the year
  • Meetings of the Scientific board are organized in accordance with the approved plan of the museum-preserve at least once every three months, and if situation so requires
  • The scientific board creates permanent commissions in various directions of its activities
  • Meetings of the scientific board are legal of 2/3 of its members are present. A member of the Scientific board informs the chairman about the failure to participate in the Board for valid reasons
  • The decision of the Scientific board is legitimate if the majority of the members which are present at the meeting vote for it
  • Decision of the meeting of the Scientific board are made by open voting of the members that are present.
  • On certain issues the Board has the right to make decisions by secret ballot
  • The scientific board conducts paperworks of the museum preserve in accordance with the nomenclature
  • Meetings of the scientific board are recorded in the minutes. Its decisions are draw up separately. The minutes and decisions of the Scientific board are signed up by the chairman and scientific secretary. The minutes and decisions of the Scientific board are are permanently stored and are surrendered by an act if new secretary is elected

The main directions of activities of the scientific board

The main activity of the Scientific board are the most important and general issues of the museum-preserve :

  1.    Analysis of the charter of the museum;
  2.   2. Approval of documents of the museum-preserve ;
  3.   3. Consideration of the following matters:
  4.   * logistics, staffing,  organizational and methodological support of the museum – preserve ;
  5.   * providing career  enhancement and personnel development ;
  6.   * receiving  additional funding   for the implementation of mandatory activities;
  7.   Consideration and approval of plans and reports on the research activities of structural units of the museum-preserve ;
  8.   Review of annual and long-term plans for the development of the museum-preserve and listening to the outcomes of financial and ec.onomic activities;
  9. consideration of other issues stipulated by the charter of the museum-reserve.
  •   Scientific board Competence  :
  •  Approval of the structure of the museum-preserve;
  • Introduction of Amendments and additions to the charter of the museum-preserve;
  •  Definition of a concept  of development of the museum-preserve ;
  • Decision-making regarding all  important issues including organization of cultural, mass research, research and business activities of the museum-preserve ;
  • Hearing of  annual reports of the director, deputy director, business unit supervisors on the types and methods of cultural, research, business and international activities;
  • Monographs and various brochures and etc. related to the museum-preserve , consideration and printing of it
  • Monitoring financial and economic activities of the museum-preserve;
  • Submission to various awards;
  • Consideration of issues related to other ongoing activities of the museum-preserve , requiring a collegial decision.

Scientific board :

  1. A. Muktar- Chairman, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Museum-preserve ;
  2. Scientific Secretary;
  3. O. Sagynbaeva – acting  Deputy Director of the Museum;
  4. M. Abdigaliev – employee of the museum-preserve , archaeologist;
  5. M. Berdimuratov – a veteran of the museum-reserve;
  6. A. Turaruli – head of the department;
  7. Zh. Diyarova – the main curator of the fund of the museum-preserve ;
  8. L. Berdigozhin – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Professor of  Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University ;
  9. U. Akhmetova – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Professor of Dosmukhamedov   Atyrau State University ;
  10. A.K. Akhmet – Candidate of Historical Sciences,Professor, Professor of  Dosmukhamedov  Atyrau State University ;
  11. K. Sundetuly – candidate of historical sciences, professor, chairman of joint trade unions in the field of education in Atyrau region;
  12. J. Mustafin – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Professor of  Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State university ;
  13. M. Kasenov -Candidate of Historical Sciences ., archaeologist.
  14. M. Kipiev – master, head of the institution “State Inspectorate for the Protection, Restoration and Use of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Atyrau Region”;
  15. R. Alimgereev – local historian;
  16. T. Nauryzali – poet;
  17. T. Zhanabaev – local historian.


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