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«Saraıshyq» memlekettik tarıhı – mádenı mýzeı – qoryģy»

About us

The State historical and cultural museum-preserve «Saraishyq»

    The Saraishyq museum- reserve has been operating on a social beginning since 1963. In 1971, it was registered as a filiation of the regional museum of local lore under the name “ Saraishyq historical and local lore rural museum”. The museum was initially located in the building of the agricultural experimental station. On April 23,1999, by decision No.79 of the mayor (governor) of Atyrau region I.Tasmaganbetov, a resolution was adopted on the establishment of the Saraishyq museum-reserve. Foundation of the museum-reserve “Khan Ordaly Saraishyq” was build on may 2, 1999 and opened on September 3. The complex of the museum-reserve includes a museum, a mosque, and a “Mausoleum of the Khans” for the rulers of the middle ages. On April 4, 2018, by the judgment of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.162, “The state historical and cultural museum –reserve “Saraishyq” of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan was transformed into the Republican state Treasury enterprise.

    The subject of the company is the implementation of activities in the field of culture. The purpose of the activity-the implementation of research, cultural, educational and tourism activities in the field of culture, including the preservation of historical and cultural heritage, its popularization. To achieve this goal, the Company provides the following services:

  • implementation of research, scientific and methodological, cultural and educational activities in the field of protection and use of historical and cultural heritage;
  • implementation of international and Interdepartmental scientific, technical and cultural cooperation in the field of museums;
  • ensuring the protection of monuments, protected are as of historical and cultural heritage sites, areas of regulation of buildings and areas of protected natural landscape and Museum objects;
  • implementation of scientific and stock work, development of scientific concepts, the main activities of the Museum;
  • organization and holding of scientific and practical conferences, seminars on history and culture;
  • development, design and creation of thematic and exposition plans of Museum expositions and exhibitions;
  • publication of manuals on the profile of the enterprise, conducting photo and video shooting to replenish the Museum funds, etc.

    In addition, the company provides services for archaeological and scientific restoration work on the monuments of history and culture in the Republic on the basis of the license of the Ministry of culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan №18022399 dated December 13, 2018.

The mausoleum of the khans

 The height of the mausoleum is 14 metres. It has eight cut, the roof is covered  with a dome. The outer s urface is framed with ornaments. In the center of the walls are symbolic tombstones dedicated to the three khans of the Great Ulus- the Golden Horde, the three biy of the Nogai Horde and Kasym khan, who ruled the Kazakh khanate. In this monument, the names of khans and biys, as well as the years of rule, are written on a black marble tablet. Author of the idea I.Tasmaganbetov, architect S.Nazarbekov.


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