Medieval Saraishyq - the capital of the Kazakh Khanate
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Research projects submitted in 2019


4 projects have been prepared for the competition for program-targeted funding for Scientific, scientific and technical programs announced by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2022. They are currently under consideration by the National Scientific Council under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • «The ancient caravan routes and caravanserais of the Golden Horde in Western Kazakhstan: study and create a database of caravan routes data and caravanserais»
  • Scientific supervisor of the project: Eleuov Madiyar, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor
  • «The medieval city Saraishyq in the historical sources of Russia, Turkey, Iran and China (XIII-XVIІ centuries)
  • Scientific supervisor of the project: Akhmetova Ulzhan Tolegenovna Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor
  • «Archeological work for the reconstruction of the citadel of the Golden Horde settlementSaraishyk (XIII-XVI centuries)»
  • Scientific supervisor of the project: Muktar Abilseit Kapizovich Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor
  • Tourist potential of the historical-geographical and cultural heritage of the cities of the Golden Horde period in the territory of the Volga-Urals border (for example, Saraishyk, Sarai-Batu, Sarai-Berke).
  • Scientific supervisor of the project: Zhusupov Eduard, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geography 6D060900

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