Medieval Saraishyq - the capital of the Kazakh people
State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Saraishyq"


Announcement of the competition for vacant positions of the RSE "State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Saraishyq" of the committee of Culture, Ministry of Culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Atyrau region, Makhambet district, Saraishyq village, Myrzagali Khaziret str., 11, phone for inquiries 8(71236) 2-55-06, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. announces a competition for vacancies for the following positions:


Researcher - 1

Higher education (or postgraduate) and work experience in the relevant specialty for at least 10 years, the presence of the author's certificate of scientific works or discoveries, in the presence of a scientific degree – there are no requirements for work experience.




Work schedule

Monday/Sunday: 09:00-18:30

No lunch / days off


Tel/Fax:+7 702 059 7858

E-maıl: museumsaraıshık@maı